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CBD Is Proven To Treat These 3 Chronic Illnesses

CBD is a wonderful present for your loved one who might be experiencing pain, soreness, or anxiety.
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5 Relaxing Last Minute Valentine’s Day Gifts

Valentine’s Day is here! Finding the perfect gift for your loved one can be difficult. Some people want a big extravagant gesture while others just want something small that says you care. We have a last minute Valentine’s Day gifts for…
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Tips to Help You Improve Your Overall Wellness

It’s no secret that people have to eat well and stay active in order to remain healthy. But there are other actions that are just as, or even more, important to overall wellness. Keep reading for a few ways to keep your body in peak condition. Know…
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How To Communicate Effectively With Your Massage Therapist

Massages at The Spa’ah in Conway, Arkansas always start with the same type of inquiry. Generally, a therapist will ask their client what type of ailments they are experiencing, what kind of pressure they prefer, or even what their goal is…
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Massage Memberships Can Steal Your Relaxation Time

Most massage enthusiasts in Conway, AR would say that the perfect massage time length is as long as possible. Unfortunately, massages can't last forever. Schedules, therapist endurance, budget limitations, and wellness goals are often factors…
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Why Franchise Spas Might Not Provide The Best Massage Experience

The allure of a large franchise massage establishment to the average massage customer is understandable. These businesses are large, usually have some great amenities and some interesting pricing options. In addition, their brand and name are…
Thai massage is a legitimate spa practice. Spas that are a front for sex businesses often do not offer this sort of service.

3 Simple Ways to Check the Legitimacy of A New Spa

New spas and massage parlors pop up fairly often pretty much anywhere in the US. Unfortunately, not all of these spas are legitimate. Some are actually sex-businesses disguised as a legitimate spa. This practice can cause all sorts of problems…

Microdermabrasion Side Effects and What You Need to Know

What is microdermabrasion? A lot of people know the word microdermabrasion, but not everyone knows exactly what the term means. The Merriam-Webster Dictionary defines microdermabrasion as, "a cosmetic procedure for the skin that involves the…
Cupping therapy

Don’t Call The Fire Department. We’re Just Cupping!

What is cupping, anyway? Our owner and lead therapist, Michelle Christen, recently received her dry cupping therapy certification. The Spa'ah in Conway, Arkansas is proud to announce the new therapy offering as it is an exciting procedure that…