Tips to Help You Improve Your Overall Wellness

A doctor reviews medical information with a patient.

It’s no secret that people have to eat well and stay active in order to remain healthy. But there are other actions that are just as, or even more, important to overall wellness. Keep reading for a few ways to keep your body in peak condition.

Know — and act on — your family history.

Your family’s medical history is your most powerful weapon against surprise diseases. Dignity Health explains that knowing what your parents and grandparents have encountered healthwise can help you prepare for the possibility that you will develop a hereditary condition.

Pay attention to air quality.

If you suffer from a never-ending stuffy nose, unexplained fatigue, or other issues you can’t put your finger on, your home’s air quality might be to blame. While an air purifier can’t remove 100 percent of all pollutants, these devices can make a big difference in the air quality of your home. Changing your HVAC filter regularly and adding an air purifier are the two most important things you can so to correct poor air quality. How To Home offers in-depth information on air purification topics including which device is best for smoke, allergies, pet dander and more.

Do more to keep your feet healthy.

You likely don’t give your feet the treatment they deserve. But you really should pay more attention to your feet. As the platform upon which your body stands, your feet are responsible for getting you to and from where you want to go. If they aren’t in tip-top shape, you’re more likely to sit on the sidelines of life. Keep them clean and dry, wear properly fitting, breathable shoes and trim your toenail the right way, which Everyday Health explains is straight across, to prevent ingrown toenails that can become infected.

Work on your body’s ability to remain flexible.

The benefits of a flexible body are many. includes on this list better blood flow and the ability to start or upkeep an exercise routine. Before and after each workout, stretch your muscles. This will help prevent aches, pains, and spasms. If you suffer from arthritis, stretching is especially important and can give you the edge you need to avoid excess pain from stiff joints.

Keep your heart and lungs strong.

Cardiovascular disease is not just an issue for older, out-of-shape men. In fact, women are just as susceptible to heart disease. Keep your ticker on track by adding whole grains, fruits and vegetables, and reduced-fat dairy products to your diet. Avoid foods that are high in saturated fats and strive for at least 20 minutes of cardiovascular activity every day.

Visit your doctor when you should.

When you were a child, your parents took you to see the pediatrician at least once each year. This was to ensure you were growing and that your body was healthy enough to go to school and participate in extracurricular activities. As an adult, you should also visit your doctor at least once every three years for a wellness visit. This is a routine exam that includes checking your body mass index and overall health and discussing your risk of disease. Adults between the ages of 27 and 49 should be screened for cancer, vision problems, infectious diseases, STDs, and hypertension. If you’re a woman, you will need to see your health care providers more frequently when you are pregnant or trying to become pregnant.

Indulge in private self-care every once in a while.

Just as important as your physical health is your mental health. Keep your mind happy by paying attention to your emotional needs. Do something just for you. Read a book, get a massage, or take a walk in the woods. Whatever you can do to clear your mind and make you feel good about yourself is exactly what you should do

Being healthy means so much more than being thin or having defined muscles. If you want to keep your body moving for as long as possible, you have to pay attention to everything that affects your health.

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